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Have you or a loved one experienced the sudden shock and pain that comes with being hurt in a car accident? Are you now left paying for medical treatments that you require and unable to return to work? Sadly, you are just one of thousands in the same predicament each year after they are hit by a negligent driver.slip and fall hazard

Negligence comes in many forms – a few examples include texting and driving, eating and drinking while behind the wheel, and driving while under the influence. Whatever form of distraction or impairment occurred, the bottom line is that when a car accident happens, it’s often the victims who suffer the most.

The reality is that often it takes pursuing legal action against the driver responsible to fully recover the compensation that is needed to get medical care, replace lost wages, and more. Our law firm has handled hundreds of car, truck, and bus accidents and we are ready to help you.

Together, we will go over the entire accident, collect and review all evidence, contact eye witnesses, consult with accident recreation specialists, and then either negotiate a settlement or fight for our client in a courtroom. Let us help you during this stressful time – contact our Bronx office today.

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Without construction workers our world would be very different. Through construction, we’ve been able to achieve buildings of splendor and great height, but there is always a price to be paid. For construction workers, that price is often paid in blood.

Nearly every part of a construction job site is dangerous and the tools that are used are dangerous. Some of the most common accidents involve:

  • heavy machinery
  • falls from a height
  • defective tools
  • electrical accidents
  • explosions
  • slip & falls

Even the best trained workers can become a victim in a matter of seconds.

Workers comp can provide some financial relief – if the claim is approved, which many are not. Typically, if a third-party was involved in the cause of the accident which caused a worker to become injured, the only way to recover full compensation is to file a construction accident lawsuit.

This lawsuit may take some time to reach a conclusion but the amount negotiated in a settlement or obtained through a favorable verdict can be substantial. However, the legal process can be exhausting if someone attempts to move forward without the help of a legal team.

Our law firm, based in the Bronx, has helped hundreds of construction workers get the full compensation they need and not sure to cover their past expenses. Compensation can also provide coverage for expected future losses as well. Call our office today to learn more about how we can help.

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Until it happens to them, nearly everyone finds it difficult to understand how life-altering a slip and fall accident can be. But the truth is that even a fall from a standing height can seriously injured someone.

When visiting another person’s property, visitors expect to be kept reasonably safe from harm and in fact, under premise liability laws, property owners are tasked with regularly checking their area for any hazards and repairing them in a timely manner. If an immediate repair isn’t possible, warning signs should be placed around the area. If they fail to do this, they may face being named the defendant in a slip and fall lawsuit.

Common causes of falls include:

  • loose floorboards or carpeting
  • unsecured wires
  • potholes
  • cracks in the sidewalk
  • snow and ice

Proving that the owner of the property knew or should have known about the cause of the accident can be exceptionally difficult. This is why most victims chose to work with an experienced slip and fall attorney who knows how to find the evidence need to prove the claim. Call us now to learn more about how we have helped former slip and fall clients and how we can help you.