Bronx Accident Report: May 15, 2018

In the Bronx and other parts of New York City, preventable accidents are unfortunately a daily occurrence. In a city with so many people, there is a high risk of an innocent bystander being injured due to an accident caused by someone else’s negligence. These preventable accidents happen on our roads, in the workplace, while visiting private businesses, and everywhere else. If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in an accident caused by someone else, our Bronx personal injury lawyers can help you get the financial support you deserve.

Some recent examples of preventable accidents around the Bronx include:

Elderly Man Struck and Killed By Garbage Truck In The Bronx

An elderly man was fatally struck by a private garbage truck in the Bronx on Friday, April 27. In the aftermath of the accident, details about the driver’s history have been released. The garbage truck driver had killed another person in an accident about six months ago. Neighbors are calling for the driver to have his license revoked. The driver has been suspended from his job but has not faced criminal charges in either fatal crash, as both were ruled accidents.

Scaffolding Falls From Truck, Causes Accident On Cross Bronx Expressway

Scaffolding fell from a truck as it was traveling down the Cross Bronx Expressway on Thursday, April 26. The incident occurred on the westbound side of the expressway at around 6 a.m. Scaffolding fell and hit either an overpass or sign. The incident also lead to an accident involving at least one car on the expressway. The FDNY responded to the scene and removed all debris. Traffic was delayed on both the westbound and eastbound sides during the cleanup.

8-Year-Old Boy Dies After Being Struck By Minivan In The Bronx

An 8-year-old boy was killed in a tragic accident in the Bronx on Monday, April 23. The boy was fatally struck by a minivan while he was being driven home from school. According to police, a family friend was driving the vehicle and backing up the van when she accidentally struck the boy. The woman has cooperated with investigators and no criminal charges are expected.

Driver Crashes Into Car, Sending It Through Restaurant In The Bronx

Three people were seriously injured after a car crashed into another vehicle, which sent the second vehicle into a Bronx restaurant. The accident happened on Monday, April 3 when a gold-colored Mercedes crashed into a red SUV at the intersection of Morris Park and Bronxdale Avenue at around noon. According to witnesses, the driver of the Mercedes ran a red light. The impact sent the SUV into the Italian restaurant.

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