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Our Bronx Lawyers Check Out The Fall Exhibits At Wave Hill

At the Lipsig Firm, our Bronx construction injury lawyers love to relax in the variety of green spaces New York City has to offer. One of our favorites is about 30 minutes from our offices in the Bronx – the historic Wave Hill estate. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the estate consists of two houses and a picturesque botanical garden. These public gardens rest on a slope overlooking the Hudson River, with views stretching across the water to the New Jersey Palisades. On our most recent trip to the garden, our lawyers enjoyed the garden’s diverse fall-themed displays.

We’ve summarized our construction and personal injury lawyers‘ five favorite parts of the Wave Hill botanical garden below, but there are 15 unique exhibits to choose from during your trip. It’ll usually take multiple trips to see everything, and we recommend periodically stopping by as the seasons change to watch the vegetation morph into vibrant fall colors before fading into winter.

Aquatic Garden

The Aquatic Garden features tropical and hardy water plants in a formal garden pool. A variety of fish, frogs, and dragonflies also call the garden pool home. The pool is surrounded by vine-covered pergolas, which offer a relaxing, shady viewing point of the water vegetation and surrounding fall foliage. Make sure to make a trip soon if you want to catch a view of this exhibit, as it closes for the winter in mid-November.

Conifer Slope

The Conifer Slope is a collection of cone-bearing plants known as Norway spruces. These trees come alive during the fall, as their cones transition to a range of vibrant colors, including blue, green, gray, and gold. This collection is estimated to be over 100 years old. It’s open year-round, so you can still appreciate the hues of the fall foliage and visit again in the winter – this exhibit is especially pretty after a fresh snowfall.

Abrons Woodland

Abrons Woodland might be our favorite section of Wave Hill. Walk along a half-mile trail through a wooded slope and enjoy the reds, oranges, yellows, and fading green hues of autumn. You’ll also have the treat of viewing several formal lawns and gardens resting above the trail. Take a break from your hike and take everything in from a rustic bench or gazebo while listening to chirps from the variety of bird species that call this woodland home.

Kerlin Overlook

Kerlin Overlook is Wave Hill’s newest garden area. It’s situated on a sunny plateau, with views of rich fall foliage along the banks of the New Jersey Palisades. A great spot to relax and enjoy panoramic views of some of the region’s most majestic fall scenes.

Wild Garden

This hillside garden is located at the highest point of Wave Hill and contains multiple paths bordered by several wild plant species from all over the world. You’ll also find some of the most breath-taking river views in all of Wave Hill here. The garden was inspired by the English wild gardens written about by 19th-century author and garden designer William Robinson.

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