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Our Bronx Personal Injury Lawyers Relax At Ferry Point Park

When our Bronx personal injury lawyers have time away from the office, we like to relax and take in breathtaking views of the city at Ferry Point Park. Ths 413-acre community park also offers all of your favorite sports and outdoor activities, making it a great place to enjoy some leisure time with the whole family. If you’re looking for a way to kill some time before or after an appointment at our Bronx offices, Ferry Point Park is a great option both for relaxation and physical activities, depending on your mood. Some of our favorite features of the park include:

Barbecuing Areas

Most of us don’t have a good place to barbeque at our homes in the Bronx, but Ferry Point Park offers designated barbecuing areas. This beautiful green park makes a great base to host an afternoon of grilling with family and friends, with views of the East River, Long Island Sound, and the iconic Manhattan skyline in the background. Between bites, your family can enjoy a host of recreational physical activities, including basketball, football, handball, golf, and cricket.

Make sure to barbeque a safe distance away from other guests, children, and trees. Additionally, make sure to clean up and dispose of coals and matches at the designated red barrels. Finally, if you’re expecting a group of 20 or more, you’ll need to secure a special events permit.

Basketball Courts

Ferry Point’s basketball courts offer a gathering place for various organized leagues throughout the city. You’ll need a permit to reserve the court for one of these leagues, but there are plenty of pickup games here as well. Some of our Bronx personal injury lawyers like to gather here and join these pickup games on the weekend. If you’re planning to play in a casual game, make sure to check with the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation first to make sure the courts aren’t already reserved for a league.

Cricket Fields

Whether you’re a British expat who’s played cricket their whole life or a native New Yorker looking to learn more about the game, the cricket fields at Ferry Point Park are a great choice. The park’s two fields are located near the main entrance. On weekends, these fields may be reserved for organized leagues. Join one of these leagues if you want to learn from experienced players, or simply show up for an organized match and learn as a spectator. If you’re lucky, maybe some of the league players will teach you a thing or two after they’ve finished their match.

Football Fields

Ferry Point’s football fields offer a place to play America’s new favorite past-time for several organized leagues throughout the city. Relive your high school glory days by joining one of these leagues, which have varying skill levels. If your child is interested in the sport, the park also offers an annual Flag Football League for 8-14 year-olds, which is co-sponsored by the NFL and the Police Athletic League (PAL).

Handball Courts

Ferry Point Park has 2 handball courts, which are located at Abigail Playground. These courts are less dominated by organized leagues, so it’s easy to drop in on a whim and join a pickup game. Relaxing with a good game of handball is one of our favorite ways to unwind after a long and stressful day at the office.

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