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Our Personal Injury Lawyers’ Top 5 Favorite Bronx Day Trips

When most tourists decide to visit New York City, they don’t even consider the Bronx. Tourists are generally more drawn to the bright lights and fast action in Manhattan and the hip bars, restaurants, and music venues in Brooklyn. But the Bronx has plenty of sightseeing to offer visitors, at a fraction of the price and with much smaller crowds than you’d find in the city’s most popular two boroughs. Our Bronx personal injury lawyers have compiled a list of some of our favorite spots in the borough to visit on our days off. If you’ve got an appointment at our offices and are looking to relax afterward, we recommend taking some time to check out the following attractions:

The Bronx Zoo

If you’re an animal lover or you have kids with you, a trip to the Bronx Zoo is a must. Located inside Bronx Park, this is the largest metropolitan zoo in the United States and one of the largest in the world – with about 2.15 million visitors passing through the gates each year. The zoo’s exhibits are divided into two categories: free exhibits which are included with General Admission tickets and premium exhibits which require extra fees. Over 4,000 animals from 650 different species are displayed throughout the zoo’s 265 acres.

Pelham Bay Park

If you asked 100 random people what the largest park in New York City is, chances are a large majority would tell you Central Park. However, Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx is actually the largest park in the city – at over three times the size of the city’s most famous green space. This municipal park comprises 2,772 acres in the northeastern corner of the borough. This space has a diverse geography, with 13 miles of shoreline, land on both sides of the Hutchinson River, and three islands which are connected to the mainland by fill. It also has several animal habitats, including the Hunter Island Wildlife Sanctuary, 782 acres of forests, 195 acres of salt marshes, 161 acres of salt flats, and 83 acres of meadows. You could spend an entire day exploring this diverse park, and still only see a tiny fraction of what it has to offer.

New York Botanical Garden

Registered as a National Historic Landmark, the New York Botanical Garden is a 250-acre green landscape in the Bronx. Over one million living plants are spread throughout the botanical garden’s collections. Each year, over one million visitors pass through the garden’s diverse collections of tropical, temperate, and desert flora. A trip to the New York Botanical Garden can be educational for the whole family, as the NYBC offers numerous programs about plant science, ecology, and healthy eating.

Yankee Stadium

If you’re in town during the summer or spring, a trip to the new Yankee Stadium is a great way to relax and kill a few hours. While the new stadium may not have the same history as the original one, any baseball fan’s jaw will drop when taking a look around this massive 500,000 square foot complex. Make sure to stop by the New York Yankees Museum on the lower level at gate 6, where you can take a look through hundreds of relics from Yankee history – including hundreds of autographed baseballs from the franchise’s legends.

Edgar Allan Poe Cottage

Although he passed away while in Baltimore, the legendary poet and author Edgar Allan Poe spent the majority of his final years at Poe Cottage in the Bronx. If you’re a literary buff, this quaint home is definitely worth a stop while in the city’s northernmost borough. It’s a simple wooden farmhouse from the early 19th century, but a look around at the beautiful surroundings makes it clear how this literary heavyweight was inspired to write some of his most highly revered works here – including “Annabel Lee”, “The Bells”, and “The Cask of Amontillado.”

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