ladder on a construction site

Preventing Ladder Falls And Injuries

There has been a recent increase in work-related accidents, especially in the construction industry. Construction accidents are a leading cause when it comes to trauma-related deaths. Studies have shown that 20% of fall injuries involve ladders. Most of these accidents are often serious and can even be fatal. For you to get an injury claim, you have to have incurred a serious injury.

Classification Of Serious Ladder Falls Injuries ladder on a construction site

A serious injury is characterized by the following.

  • Lack of income for a long period that is longer than a month
  • When you incur high health costs. High costs are costs that are equal to or more than what you earn in a month.
  • If you obtain injuries that disable you to perform your duties well.
  • If death occurs as a result of the accident.

Most of the injuries that are treated in hospitals are injuries to the hand, knee, forearm and lower legs. Head injuries were also reported to be common in accidental ladder falls. Most of the ladder accidents occur as a result of reaching out too much, and also a lack of proper placement of the ladder. In addition not wearing safety equipment while working causes injuries.

Injury Claims

After getting involved in a ladder accident, you will want to get an injury claim. They will check whether the equipment you were using was faulty, especially since the accident occurred at the construction site. Find out more about ladder design safety requirements here. If it is found out that the equipment was faulty, and the employer did nothing about it, you are entitled to a claim, and you can also sue your employer for putting your life in danger. This also applies if the employer does not provide helmets and any other protective equipment.

There are limitations to obtaining a claim. For instance, when it comes to non-fatal injuries, you will have to show that the accident occurred while you were carrying out your work. You should also prove that you were not negligent or reckless in your work leading to the accident. You should prove that you took the required safety procedures while carrying out your work. Obtaining claims is also subject to the changing safety recommendations.

Taking Preventive Measures

Ladder fall injuries can be very serious when they occur. They are also easy to manage and can be prevented by using safe ladder practices. Here are some practices to incorporate:

  • Workers should reduce the amount of work done using a ladder as much as possible and instead should replace the use of ladders with lifts, supported scaffolds or mast climbing work platforms.
  • Where ladders have to be in use, you and your employer have to make sure that the ladders are capable of supporting your weight and that they are strong and well maintained.
  • Construction workers should always wear protective equipment like helmets when working. This will minimize their chances of getting seriously injured.
  • Construction workers should take time and learn about safety measures. Employers should ensure that they hire people with the valid qualifications. If possible, they should make it a requirement to have undergone safety training.
  • Ladder safety information and training should be provided to construction workers to ensure that they know how to use a ladder properly.
  • You should also know how to place the ladder properly when using it. This will prevent it from tipping over while you are on top of it.

When these safety measures are carried out on construction sites, there will be fewer reports of ladder-related accidents.

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