Vacation Accidents: When A Good Time Goes Horribly Wrong

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There is hardly a person on this planet that can claim they don’t enjoy a vacation. It doesn’t have to be a long, two-week affair to qualify, even a quick weekend trip away from home can help relax, destress, and calm a person. In New York, vacation spots both in and out of the state offer a wide variety of activities to try. But just because something is fun doesn’t mean it’s safe.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong On Vacation?

No one imagines that they could plan a wonderful trip only for something to go unexpectedly wrong. Sadly, people who are hurt on vacation are often the victims of someone else’s negligence. Vacation accident victims are frequently injured while:

Boating & Sailing

sail boat on a lakeNew York borders two great lakes and fully contains dozens of others including Lake Placid which has hosted the Winter Olympics twice. Every year, thousands of people visit the shores of these natural wonders and spend their time aboard either a sailboat or a motorboat.

Unfortunately, just like with automobiles, the people who are steering these boats must be aware of their surroundings at all time, follow the rules regarding which boat must yield to another, and can’t operate a boat while intoxicated. But just like with car drivers, boat drivers fail to follow these rules, causing accidents that leave a trail of devastation behind.


Anyone looking for a thrill may be tempted to try and travel from tree to tree via a zipline, hundreds of feet at a time, high above the ground. However, as a recent increase in zipline accidents have shown, there are serious dangers associated with this activity. Many participants have died from blunt force trauma after hitting a fallen branch or tree, having the tree that is supposed to be holding the line up fall, or the harness or line failing, causing them to fall to the hard ground below.


Another activity designed to send participants high in the air, parasailing is an exciting combination of air and water. Despite the fact that the sport has been around since 1961, there are no federal guidelines or regulations holding individuals and companies who offer this activity to any sort of safety standard.

Visiting An Amusement Park

It’s incredibly rare to talk to someone who has never visited an amusement or theme park. There are hundreds of rides to satisfy the desires of any visitor, not to mention the games and food that is available. But each year, thousands of people are hurt on rides with defective parts, rides that haven’t been properly maintained, due to operator error, and in other accidents, such as slip and fall.

Visiting A Zoo Or Aquarium

Did you know that on average, zoos in the United States have five animal escapes every year? While some of the escapees may be harmless animals such as the naked mole rat, others are tigers, gorillas, or bears that, in their confusion and stress, see visitors as a threat and attack. This is in addition to the ride accidents, and slip and fall accidents which harm hundreds.

Driving Go-Karts

Go-karts may seem harmless enough – after all, these small, low to the ground vehicles should probably be difficult to crash right? Wrong. Crashes happen all the time and without a roll bar or protective encasing, serious injuries happen just as frequently.  

Scuba Diving

The underwater world still has mysteries left to be solved and has captivated the minds of millions of people around the world since the dawn of time, but with the invention of scuba diving, those depths were finally explorable. But there are risks associated with scuba diving and injuries and fatalities are common.

Jet-skiingman on vacation using a jet ski

Another water sport that is highly popular, jet skis, like many other motored activities, take participants across the water at high speeds. But if a boat or another jet ski comes into contact with a rider, there isn’t much to prevent injury. Plus, recent reports have shown that the powerful jet coming out of the back of some jet skis can cause serious vaginal, anal, and internal injuries if the rider falls off the back.

Bungee Jumping

Humans have longed to be able to fly through the air and bungee jumping is one of the ways that we can get a taste of that experience. Jumpers are attached to a cord, frequently anchored to their legs and a harness, and allowed to fall hundreds of feet with only the cord to prevent them from falling to their deaths. But for each jump, a calculation must be made and human error may result in a cord that is too long or not strong enough to hold the jumper.

Sightseeing On A Tour Bus

Sometimes, the best way to tour a large area is to take a tour bus. But just like with other automobiles, buses get into accidents. Unlike other automobiles, most buses don’t offer seat belts, resulting in many serious injuries to passengers.

Lawsuits Can Help Accident Victims

While the thousands hurt each year in one of these accidents may not have much in common, the one thing most of them do have in common is their ability to pursue legal action against the party whose negligence resulted in their injury.

Through filing a lawsuit, the victim may be able to regain monetary compensation that will help them to pay for their past and future medical expenses, lost wages, physical pain and suffering, and might even cover any emotional trauma they have sustained.

How Do I Know Who Has Been Negligent?

a victim crying about her vacation accidentMost of our clients come to us with some idea of who might have been responsible for their accident but they often don’t realize there can be more than one party.

Examples of potential negligent parties include but are not limited to:

  • the owner of a company who fails to properly maintain their equipment, allowing that equipment to wear down and fail while in use
  • the designer or manufacturer of a product which contains a flaw, causing the product to behave in a way that it isn’t supposed to, like a harness which releases while a parasailer is in the air
  • an operator who doesn’t properly instruct participants on how to participate in an activity
  • a company which hasn’t placed the correct safety information and signs around their facility

These are just a few examples of organizations or individuals who may be named the defendant in a vacation accident lawsuit.

How Quickly Does A Plaintiff Obtain Compensation?

Every lawsuit is different but typically, at least, a few months are required for the lawsuit to come to a conclusion. Those that end in a settlement do reach a fast conclusion and plaintiffs usually get their compensation within 30 days. A trial will need to be scheduled and depends on the schedule of the courts.

It’s important to remember that while this may be a long road, the compensation obtained may be the only way to remain financially stable and our team will be with you, guiding you, every step of the way.

Do I Decide If I Want To Settle Or Not?

Absolutely. Our job is to fight for your rights and to present you with all legal opportunities available, including any offers to settle. The decision is always yours.

Will You Update Me On The Status Of My Case?

Yes – our firm believes that the best relationships are built through excellent communication. Whenever there is a change in the status of a case, we immediately inform our client and explain what it may mean and answer any questions that they may have.

Is Our Communication Confidential?

Yes. All communication between a client and their attorney is kept confidential and the attorney can only disclose that information when their client directs them to. Contact one of our Bronx attorneys to leanr more. 

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