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The Lipsig Law Firm is a premier personal injury law firm with several offices located throughout New York, NY. For more than 25 years, we have successfully stood up for the rights of personal injury clients in the Bronx. We offer a Bronx-based neighborhood office, and focus on the people behind each and every personal injury.

Why Us?

For decades, we have been dedicated personal injury lawyers. This focus has helped us grow and thrive within our field. Our proven results and success stories speak for themselves. We’ve recovered over $500 million for our clients who are our best assets, because they trust and recommend our services. 




Our History

Lipsig Law Firm was founded by Harry H. Lipsig, who was often fondly referred to as “The King of Torts.” Harry was known throughout the area, and New York Magazine crowned him “the toughest, most successful personal injury specialist in the country.”

Throughout his incredibly successful career, Mr. Lipsig won hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients, continually raised the bar and set new legal standards, and effectively expanded the horizon of the law. A majority of his life was devoted to obtaining fair compensation for those who called upon his aid.

Although Harry’s distinguished career in law came to an end when he passed away in 1995, the ripple effect of his efforts is still felt today, and his legacy continues.

Our Process

The aftermath of a personal injury can be a vulnerable time for anyone, and insurance companies frequently take advantage of this. Our experienced attorneys will take the reigns for you during this time. We will handle communicating with insurance companies, protecting your rights, and ensuring that you get everything that you deserve, so that you can focus on more important things, like healing.

Did you know that, according to the Insurance Research Council, personal injury victims with legal representation receive almost three times more money than those not using attorneys?

Don’t you deserve more? We believe you do.

We also believe that the fees associated with hiring quality lawyers should never stop you from going after what you rightfully deserve. Our firm offers completely free consultations so that you can explore all options, and, if legal action is pursued, we charge absolutely nothing until we successfully settle or win your case.

Our Experience

We offer years of local experience in a broad variety of personal injury areas, including but not limited to:

Meet Our Team

What To Do If You Have
Suffered A Personal Injury

If you’ve been the victim of any type of personal injury, the decision of what to do next can be a difficult one. In the Bronx, accidents and injuries happen all the time, but not everyone seeks the assistance of an attorney.

Are you struggling while trying to deal with the aftermath? Do you deserve more support than you are getting?

Make sure to explore your complete rights before talking with an insurance company. This can be a very rewarding choice.

If you answer YES to any of the following questions, it’s likely that you’re entitled to pursue compensation:

  • Was your injury caused by someone else, even partially?
  • Were you on someone else’s property when injured?
  • Is your injury preventing you from working or from completing work as efficiently as you used to?
  • Did you apply for benefits that were denied?
  • Has a family member or loved one died because of someone else’s negligence?

Proven Personal Injury Results:
Some Highlights

  • $10 million – school assault on student in Queens
  • $8.5 million – electrician fell from ladder in Manhattan
  • $7.6 million – woman struck by taxi skidding on icy road in Manhattan
  • $50 million – lead poisoning of a child in Brooklyn
  • $39 million – child struck due to failure to install traffic light in Queens
  • $20 million – woman struck by bus in Queens
  • $14 million – girl injured by defective seat belt in Suffolk County
  • $13 million – assault of worker at shelter in Brooklyn

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will a personal injury attorney cost me?

We believe that your rights are your rights, whether you can afford to pursue them or not. Our firm works only on a contingency fee. For you, this means absolutely free consultations while you are exploring your rights, and free legal representation as well. We get paid only when we successfully settle or win your case.

How much is my case worth?

There are many variables which determine what your individual case is worth, and each case is completely unique. As your case progresses, it can become easier to look at several different factors and determine the value of your claim. We recognize that this is an important variable, and work to estimate this information as quickly as we can. Initially, much of our work surrounds protecting the value of your case as much as possible, by handing insurance companies carefully and correctly.

Will I have to go to court?

Many victims involved in personal injury cases are not required to go to court, and many wish to avoid it. If attorneys are able to successfully reach a settlement agreement, court can become unnecessary. If you do not like the idea of court, we do our absolute best to attain a reasonable settlement rather than filing a lawsuit. If court seems necessary, however, our clients are thoroughly counseled on this procedure, and have our support each step of the way.

How can I be sure that I need a lawyer?

If you have to communicate with an insurance company, having an attorney can be very helpful. It is easy to say things while trying to negotiate that will later hurt your case. Consultations are completely free, so evaluating your rights before you decide whether you need an attorney or not is always a smart step toward recovering what you deserve.

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