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If you are a construction worker then you likely know someone who has been seriously hurt or killed at work – or you may be a construction accident victim yourself. If you or a loved one have sustained a work injury, you may be owed significant compensation.

Compensation can come from several claims – a workers’ compensation claim which, if approved, would cover the medical bills and sometimes a portion of lost wages or, a construction accident lawsuit.

A lawsuit make seem like an extreme action to take, however, it may be the only way that full compensation for all loses can be obtained. This might include losses such as:

  • medical billscrane that may malfunction
  • emotional suffering
  • physical pain
  • lost wages (both past and future)

The lawsuit is typically filed by the victim but if they are unable to file or if the accident resulted in their death, their loved ones may be able to file on their behalf.

There are strict timelines for lawsuits which means that the plaintiff only has a short period of time to file, otherwise the risk losing their ability to recover compensation forever. To learn more about construction accident lawsuits and how our law firm can help you move forward with your claim, contact our Bronx office today.

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Although most medical professionals have their patient’s best interests at heart, the reality is that they can and do make mistakes – mistakes that can alter the course of a human life. While many med mal victims survive, they ultimately require thousands of dollars in medical care that they otherwise wouldn’t have needed. In addition to this, they often suffer both physically and emotionally.

Our law firm believes that even the most well intentioned medical professionals should pay for their mistakes and we fight aggressively to make sure our medical malpractice clients get the compensation they deserve and need.

In the past, we have represented clients who were hurt due to:

  • child birth injuries
  • misdiagnosis
  • prescription error
  • surgical error
  • a failure to diagnose entirely

In each case, we consulted with medical experts to determine exactly how our client was impacted by their physicians failure and then fought for their rights. If you believe that you have been hurt by med mal, contact our experienced legal team today.

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The invention of the car changed the world in so many ways. Travel was made easier and faster and new industries were created. But with the car came car accidents – the very first one occurring in 1891 when a driver hit a tree root and lost control.

Since then, millions of car accidents have occurred, commonly caused by:

  • drunk drivers
  • distracted drivers
  • defective auto parts
  • exhausted drivers
  • poorly repaired cars

In most accidents, one party causes the accident which results in injury to another. When that is the case, the victims of the accident may be able to file a lawsuit.

Our law firm has been representing car accident victims for decades and we fight aggressively to ensure our clients get the full compensation that they need. We work with our client to identify the party responsible, review the accident, collect evidence, and then, depending on our client’s wishes, we either negotiate a settlement or take the case to court.

The compensation obtained through an auto accident lawsuit can be substantial and is based off of the client’s past and expected future losses. To learn more about what your case might be worth, contact us today.