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The Risk Of Burn Injuries To Construction Workers

According to the Oregon Public Health Division, up to 30 percent of all hospitalized burn injuries in the United States are the result of workplace accidents. That means that three out of every 10 people who are hospitalized for burns in the United States were injured while working, and that is an extremely high number.

A significant part of accident prevention when it comes to burn injuries is education. It is important for work site supervisors and employees to understand the risks of burns on a construction site, and what they can do to prevent them. In some cases, the burn incidents are not due to poor site management, but rather to natural conditions that need to be taken into account at all times.

Burning From The Sun Construction workers

Before we get into the burn accidents where one party could be negligent, it is important to talk about the burns that many constr uction workers seem to take for granted. Construction laborers are in danger of being overexposed to the sun and, according to, laborers experience three times as many accidents as any other worker on a construction site.

Construction companies that currently do not distribute sunscreen for their laborers should consider doing so to prevent occurrences of skin cancer. At the very least, every construction company should have awareness training on the dangers of working in the sun and what laborers and all construction workers can do to protect themselves.

Burns On The Job

The food service industry is where 30 percent of all workplace burns occur, with manufacturing coming in second at 22.6 percent. Workers in other industries such as health care, transportation and retail are also at risk for burns. But throughout the entire working world, nearly 10 percent of all burn accidents happen on construction sites. With one out of every 10 burn accidents occurring on construction sites, it is important that employers take burn safety seriously and develop steps to prevent accidents.

Electrical Burns

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, an average of 350 construction workers lose their lives each year to electrical accidents on work sites. The most common types of electrical burns that construction workers experience include:

  • Direct contact with electricity
  • Arc explosions and flash burns
  • Thermal contact burns
  • Burns due to overheated electrical components

Safety on a construction site should be a primary concern for workers and management if the number of accidents is to be reduced. With construction burn injuries making up 10 percent of all workplace burn incidents and nearly 400 construction workers losing their lives annually to electrical accidents, it is important for everyone to be on the same page when it comes to construction safety.

Burn Injury Help

If you or someone you know has received a burn injury on a construction work site, then you need to contact an attorney after you have received medical attention. Negligence on the part of the construction company could form the basis of a personal injury case that will get you the settlement you need to take care of your family and get back on your feet.

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