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Why Is Summer A High Season For Construction Accidents?

A study done by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) showed that one out of every three Summer heatconstruction accidents occurs either in the hot weather in the south or during the summer. This data would indicate that the presence of warm weather is more conducive to construction accidents than any other type of weather conditions.

In the Bronx, the summer weather can be hot and humid, and that increases the number of accidents seen at construction sites. A close examination into why accidents happen more frequently in the summer than during any other time of the year can give insight into how workers can protect themselves.

More Work In The Summer Means More Accidents

One of the simple reasons for more construction accidents in the summer is that there is more work going on. A leading cause of accidents in construction is falling, and workers falling off equipment as they are entering or exiting that equipment is a primary reason behind these falls.

In the name of worker safety, it is important to remind crane operators and anyone else who is operating or working around large equipment about the safety measures required to prevent accidents. Workers should be careful when entering and exiting equipment and be aware of equipment that is slippery due to humidity or other sources of moisture.

Accidents In Road Work Zones

Many people think that most construction accidents occur during the winter because of the harsh conditions, but, there is no road work being done during the winter to put workers in harm’s way. However, during the summer, workers are targets for drivers who drive too fast and do not pay attention to the road.

Construction companies need to make bright-colored safety vests mandatory for all workers doing road work. If possible, the road work area should be made as large as possible to offer safe working conditions for every employee. Construction accidents in road work zones are very common, but they can be eliminated if drivers pay attention and workers are properly protected.

Lack Of Preparation To Heat Exposure

One reason why workers fall on construction sites during the summer is the heat affects them to the point where they fall. Workers need to stretch each morning before starting work to help prevent muscle cramps from happening at inopportune moments.

Construction companies should also provide plenty of liquids and cooling areas for workers on hot days so they can escape the effects of the heat. Dehydration can cause a variety of health problems that can lead to construction accidents, and heat exposure can also be a construction worker’s worst enemy during the summer.

Beware Of Using Sunglasses Too MuchSun glasses

Most construction workers do not realize it, but their constant use of sunglasses or tinted lenses during the summer is contributing to construction accidents all over the country. Tinted lenses are good for long and wide viewing field, but they are horrible when the objects that need to be seen are closer.

Construction companies should have safety training on the different types of tinted lenses and how to properly use those lenses during the summer months. Darker lenses are good for surveying work, but most workers would benefit with lenses that have a light, protective tint to them. These are the kinds of details that construction companies and workers ignore that lead to summer construction accidents.

When the weather is nice and warm, the likelihood of construction accidents can go up. Construction workers in the Bronx work in the summer heat for several months out of the year and, those working conditions are statistically more dangerous than the cooler weather. Construction companies need to have comprehensive safety training for workers about how to protect themselves from summer accidents, and workers have to take responsibility for being safer on the job.

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